Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Dale Echnoz has lived all over the USA. This collection of photographs is from his recent past in Atlanta, GA and Tucson, AZ. His images reflect his interests in design, architecture and nature focusing on revealing the beauty of everyday objects, and the structure hidden in the mundane. He lives on the border of Saguaro National Park and has hiked the area extensively, camera and tripod in tow.

He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music and did post graduate studies in composition at University of Colorado, Boulder. A multi-instrumentalist (woodwinds, keyboards and guitar) he worked in the music industry for 2 decades as an artist and recording engineer. In Los Angeles he was a staff engineer at Motown’s Hitsville Recording Studios and later a sound effects editor for weekly animation television shows including Voltron, Dino Riders and Winnie the Pooh.

His influences include the photography of Minor White, Tony Sweet and Alan Babbitt and painter / photographer David Hockney.

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